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The Best Artificial Grass For Pets

A beautiful yard improves the aesthetic appeal of any home. A lush green lawn makes your home look beautiful and is loved by kids and pets. However, real grass comes with many problems. It requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, and trimming, and dogs often dig holes in such a place. So is it possible to have a green lawn and keep everyone happy?

Florida Turfin' helps homeowners realize this dream. We install high-quality artificial grass that is specially developed for pets. This turf is not simply fake grass that gets damaged quickly. We offer a quality product that's backed by a warranty. Our grass systems are designed for pets; your dog will love it!

Is Pet Turf Right for Your Pet?

There are many advantages of installing this artificial turf for your dog instead of natural landscaping. Forget about dirty noses and muddy paws entering your home! The turf we install has no dirt, so that it won't create any mud. You can avoid problems like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in your yard with pet turf, reducing your expenses for pest repellents. The turf is environment-friendly, with no need for regular watering, which can often lead to the previously mentioned issues.

Special Features of Our Pet Artificial Turf

Florida Turfin' offers artificial grass in wide varieties. Synthetic turf is available in different textures and colors, with different paddings and backings for different applications including some specifically designed for pets. Our artificial grass designed for pet applications has some special features including the following.

Urine Neutralizing Backing

This feature overcomes a big concern of pet owners who want to install artificial grass. Some amount of urine gets trapped in the artificial grass of other brands. This can create a stinky environment, but we offer turf with an antibacterial fill with a perforated drain system so the liquid can get out easily into the soil.

No Toxic Substance

No toxic chemical is used to make the materials used in this turf. Metals and other items that can irritate or harm the pets have not been used in them.

Easy Installation and Durable Construction

The turf has an over-gravel design that ensures quick drainage of liquids. With its tough construction, it can handle even hyperactive dogs. No additional padding is required in it. Its materials are made for long-term use.

Pet Friendly

The turf can be cleaned easily and is comfortable for the dog's paws. Advanced UV inhibitors and heat-reflective pigments of color on their surfaces can keep the turf cooler by 15%.

Pet Turf Installation in Palm Coast

Our professional artificial turf installers are always ready to install this pet-friendly turf. Pet turf is the perfect choice to cover your yard whether you have one or multiple furry friends.

  • We install additional infill to increase the turf's durability and avoid its early matting.
  • Seams are closed with nailing, preventing easy separation, which happens when a tape is used to attach them.
  • We offer a 10-year warranty for this turf.
  • All our pet turf customers receive a free cleaner bottle.

The best thing about this turf is that you can forget about regular lawn maintenance. The laborious and time-consuming process of maintaining a grass lawn will end. Except for the occasional removal of fallen leaves and doggy droppings, you do not have to do any major lawn maintenance work.

Contact us today at Florida Turfin' to receive an estimate and learn more about our other artificial pet grass options.

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Trust Our Customers!

Heriberto Villanueva Jr
Heriberto Villanueva Jr
Dexter and his team did an amazing job on our turf installation. We were very impressed with the great communication and how quickly they were able to get the work done. The results are better than we expected. We love how great it looks and how it changed the whole look of our backyard. Thanks Florida Turfin’!
Cheryl Cottrell
Cheryl Cottrell
WOW! Only regret is I wish we would’ve done it sooner! This company is awesome! Starting with the free estimate all the way through to the completion of our project, we were so impressed with the professionalism and work ethic of this crew. They exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend Florida Turfin!!
holly brown
holly brown
The new turf is great! The team did an awesome job on install.
Melissa Candela
Melissa Candela
From the first contact, to the end of the project, Florida Turfin' was superb! Thank you for the amazing backyard grass!

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